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June 9, 2023

After several years we will return to Berlin eventually - in fact with two concerts within the frame of Walpurgisnacht festival 2024, which is brought to you and hosted by de mortem et diabolum in Berlin's Orwohaus on the 26th and 27th of April 2024.

We will stage our acoustic as well as our metallic side and thus will unleash our incomparable intensity on both nights!

This event will see our only metal set in 2024...

Further information and tickets you will find here: https://shop.demortemetdiabolum.de/collections/tickets


Mystic Places 2023

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  • Mein Flügelschlag (Demo-MC), 1997
  • Nicht um zu sterben (CD), 1997
  • Bitter ist's dem Tod zu dienen (CD), 1999
  • Her von welken Nächten (CD), 2001
  • Hexenwind (CD), 2005
  • Durch den Traum (CD), 2006
  • In Luft geritzt (CD), 2008
  • Nachtreisen (DVD), 2009
  • Flammentriebe (CD), 2011
  • Freiheit (CD), 2014
  • Du wilde Liebe sei (CD), 2021

Prophecy Productions, 2021

Audio recordings, mix and mastering:

Markus Stock, Eviga and Inve @ Wallbach-Studio, Song-Werkstatt and Klangschmiede E (2019-2020)


Eviga: voices, guitars, percussion
Inve: violin, keyboards

Nadja Daniel: additional voices ("In tiefem Schweigen")

Lyrics (PDF):

german german english english



  • So ruf' sie wach das Sehnen
  • In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht
  • Dein knöchern' Kosen
  • Liebes dunkle Nacht
  • Der Freiheit Verlangen nach goldenen Ketten
  • Sie machen Mangel zum Geschenk
  • Das Geheimnis des Quellkosters
  • Das Sehnen von Mond und Sonne
  • Dem Kühnen in der Stille
  • Freiheit erlösen

CD2: (ltd. hardcover book edition)

  • In tiefem Schweigen (bonus track)
  • Audiokommentar und inszenierte Lesung (ca. 54 min)



DORNENREICH - intense - mystic - timeless

short version long version

Founded in 1996, Dornenreich have proved a recipe for uniquely intense music, expressive German lyrics, and a charismatic presence on stage for more than 25 years now.

After years of extensive production phases in the studio, after years filled with concerts and tours, after chart positions and an Impala Silver Award for over 20,000 copies of their third album sold all over Europe, Dornenreich took a break in 2014 — with the release of their eight studio record "Freiheit" in the eighteenth year of their history, they deliberately withdrew in order to renew their perspectives in the light of more sophisticated constellations and to continue on their very own path.

While that didn’t mean the Austrians didn’t give a lot of celebrated concerts across Europe after 2014, it took them more than seven years to come forth with a new studio album.

The year 2021 — which also marked the 20th anniversary of "Her von welken Nächten," the record that put Dornenreich on the map as one of the most defining and unconventional acts amongst German-language metal and folk bands — saw Dornenreich return with their ninth studio album, "Du wilde Liebe sei". With this genre-defying record released in their 25th year of existence (official German charts #31), they have impressively proven that they feel obliged to the nature of life and a radical understanding of art exclusively.

With their inimitable emotional force, their momentum and unpredictability, Dornenreich embody the paragon of an exciting and independent-minded band, and with their symbolist as well as confrontative criticism of self and civilisation, they harbour within them a depth and an explosiveness that have no rivals.


If you would like to add your interview to this archive, please feel free to send them via e-mail to webmaster@flammentriebe.com (with proper credit info).




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May 29, 2023
DE - Wave-Gotik-Treffen / Leipzig

November 4, 2023
DE - Pauluskirche / Dortmund


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