(posted by Dornenreich, June 2013)


This is Eviga writing. The last months in tranquility and seclusion were highly fruitful. I was able to elaborate the entire album as far as the guitars are concerned - and I'm deeply pleased with the result. During the next months the three of us will create the last violin-lines and the drums. When we'll have recorded the whole musical core I will delve into the lyrics and the vocal dimension of the album. We will enter the studio by the end of October... and, actually, we can hardly wait! This album will be a stirring journey without any doubt. It will consist of eight songs - some based on acoustic guitar and violin, some including electric guitars and drums. The songs are extremely varied and highly vital - and they resonate with a playful beauty which invokes something that I have been trying to approach for many years. To see all that come into artistic reality means much to me. What else can I tell you so many months in advance!? I'm not sure. So feel free to ask some questions and either send them via our contact-mail-address at or post them on our official facebook-profile. I will collect and answer them soon.

Have an unforgettable Summer! We surely will - and we'll keep you posted!

On behalf of Dornenreich
Eviga (27.06.2013)"

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