NEW WEBDESIGN ONLINE: has been unleashed

(posted by Webmaster, February 2011)

At last, the website comes up with a -- quite literally ;) -- brandnew design.... though I've already spent alot of time (and coffee) on "bug hunting" to make sure that the webpage is displayed correctly with most common browsers, there's still a chance that I missed some details.... thus, feel free to toss me a message whenever you encounter any problems with the site (as for instance, dead or broken links), so that I'm able to keep track of those issues:

Please note that there will be some more or less minor updates to the site while the next few days (and weeks) -- some of which will deal with a couple of pending display bugs (that occur when the site is viewed with IE), but also some additional content (as for instance, a major update of the "Live-Pics" section).

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